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I am not seeing any camera input. What's wrong?

1. Windows users need to install WinVDIG.
2. Are you getting a signal from other camera apps?
3. Try adjusting the settings by calling settings() in the code.
4. Make sure other applications are not using the camera source.

Are the Director Xtras "Shockwave Safe?" Can I run it from a browser?

Yes. They will work from a browser. Try Demo.

More Info: PegHole has graciously donated VeriSign representation in order to allow the Xtra to transparently download and install onto an end-user's computer. PegHole, SourceForge, and the WebCamXtra/Myron development team are not responsible for malicious, voyeuristic, or destructive uses of this technology. It is strongly recommended that as a developer, you add your own additional pop-up permissions dialog saying "This Shockwave movie wants to access your camera. [Deny] [Allow]." In order to make your shockwave able to auto-download WebCamXtra, you must first modify your xtrainfo.txt in the Director folder so that it includes the following 3 lines of text (Note: Everything between the [ and the ] need to be one long line of text):

; WebCamXtra
[#namePPC:"WebCamXtra", #nameW32:"WebCamXtra.X32",

Then in Director, choose the menu Modify > Movie > Xtras..., and add WebCamXtra to your list. Make sure to check the box "Download if Needed."

By putting the auto-download files onto our server, the WebCamXtra/Myron team does not guarantee that the files will be there indefinitely. We reserve the right to remove these files from the server without warning. Shockwave publishers are encouraged to distribute their own copies of WebCamXtra.ppc, WebCamXtra.w32, and WebCamXtra.carb on their servers. Note that you should also change the #package field in the xtrainfo.txt accordingly.

Do the Processing examples run in a browser?

Not currently. Someone please help with this.

Where can I get the source?

The source code can be checked out from the sourceforge CVS. More info here.

What is the difference between Myron and WebCamXtra? Who is Myron?

WebCamXtra is one of many scripter interface wrappers for Myron, which is a vision tracking service written ontop of the Quicktime API with C++ code by Josh Nimoy and Danny Rozin. Around it, wrappers like WebCamXtra and JMyron are built & maintained by different people. The central core lib is named Myron after Myron Krueger, a much under-recognized pioneer and artist in this arena.

Is it possible for me to do more than 1 camera?

Yes, Here are a couple of ways to do it. With your Belkin SVideo-to-USB converter, use a video input quad multiplexer box. These are commonly seen on security surveilence monitors. WebCamXtra/Myron will end up seeing 4 camera's at the same time! In your scripting code, you can detect which glob came from which corner by using math. Additionally, I heard that someone successfully "interlaced" the concurrent frames of 2 cameras into 1 video signal (so it flickered back and forth) and then wrote the script so that it would parse the interlaced alternation appropriately into 2 sets of data. However, I am not familiar with the mechanism they were using to combine the signals. Logo