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Computer Vision for Artists

Myron is the cross-platform, cross-language, open source, video capture and computer vision plugin. One core C++ object gets cross-compiled as a handful of high level language "wrapper" libraries. The wrapper for Java and Processing is called JMyron. The wrapper for Macromedia Director is called WebCamXtra. The aim of the project is to keep computer vision free and easy for the new media education and arts community.

Version 0025 Released.
getForcedWidth() + getForcedHeight() added to help PC users with scrambled video signals. I hope this solution is temporary. imageCopy() added to cut out high level memory allocation. Just pass your image object and Myron will fill it with pixels.
Version 0024 Released.
- PC Users, Say goodbye to Quicktime and WinVDig dependencies! Say hello to blazing fast frame rates.
- The limited dimensions bug should be fixed. Go wild with the larger resolutions and let us know.

Look what people are doing!

08/06 - Andrew Senior presents a workshop on "Computer Vision for Artists" at San Jose 01 / ISEA
06/05 - Shadow Monsters by Phil Worthington at the Royal College of Art
11/04 - Interactive Installation and Physical Computing - School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong
11/04 - Maurizio Piraccini creates Banabi, VR for children.
08/04 - Stephen Boyd uses Myron with Processing for installation at the Eastern Front Gallery in Toronto.
08/04 - (in)security camera by benjamin chang, silvia ruzanka and dmitry strakovsky
05/04 - Mixed Reality Platforms, by MediaLab Arts (University of Plymouth) and Dartington College of Art students.
05/04 - Used in Froggies by Josh Nimoy
06/04 - Used by Jinsil Seo and Eli Toyster in their MFA thesis projects in School of Visual Arts (SVA)
03/04 - Used by Rich Streitmatter-Tran in Body Frame/Video Frame, his first solo exhibition at L'ESpace in Hanoi, Vietnam
03/04 - Interaxity, a new project by Jan and Leiven of MnM in Gent, Belgium
05/03 - Jewish Politics, art piece by G.O.M. and Vaaler in Brussels, Belgium
03/03 - Archaeology Technologies Lab at NDSU - diabetes education game centered on Native American competitive powwow dancing
01/03 - Integrated into course material for UCLA Design Advanced Interactive Media 157B, taught by Jennifer Steinkamp
11/02 - Used as the official computer vision systems in student and researcher projects at the UCLA Creative Media Lab
09/02 - Catherine Herdlick - for 2003 Parsons MFADT thesis, Games for the Projected Playground.
08/02 - installations by SetPixel
06/02 - Jason Bader's MFA Thesis, Intersection (t) at UCLA Design | Media Arts
03/02 - UCLA Hypermedia Studio's Interactive Multimedia course - premiered as motion tracking for Nimoy's Garden of Lovers

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